My Story

Wong Wong Wong! How I dreaded that last name for so bloody long. During high school my last name "Wong" was an easy one to pick on, as you could only imagine! Classmates and others at school liked to have a go at me about the name quite often, leading me to a point of absolutely hating that name. Nothing against my dad as I respected him and the name. It was purely the not so “perks” that came with the name.

So considering my parents weren’t together and my mum married my step dad around that time. I made the decision to change my last name. It was a pretty tough time for my dad, as you would except he was heartbroken to hear the news. But as a stubborn teenager dealing with this throughout high school, I stood my ground. My dad supported me and understood, which I am forever grateful for. So after a very lengthy process, signing all the paperwork, etc. I officially had my last name changed and yes I got a new birth certificate for that too.

Can you believe that I actually did that! Like I officially changed my last name, now if that’s not determination to have whatever hassle/stress/obstacle out of your life, I don’t know what else is. Eventually it all fizzled out and that name was no longer one I remembered having.

Until recent years the name Wong was reborn in my workplace. Somehow in conversation and oh boy did I regret that. Thinking my now adult self wouldn’t mind having revealed this previous last name I instantly was reminded why I never mentioned it in the first place.

Managing adult life, balancing work, keeping up with UNI, moving out and supporting myself. I was faced with many challenges on top of that the burden of the name “Wong” again. Which led me to a very overwhelmed and depressed state. Overthinking far ahead in the future much further then I needed to and stressing about things that really were not relevant or necessary at that point in time of my life. These emotions led me to a state of anxiousness alongside depression. A point which I was at my absolute low, I didn’t want to do anything, see anyone, go anywhere, be a part of anything, simply just wanted to hide away from the world in my bed forever. Everything felt like such a drag, I had no purpose, no excitement or energy. This is when I discovered my miracle oil that guided me through this time of despair. My wonderful clary calm!

Not to long after that The Wong Way was born! I thought to myself F*** it! I need to own this name! Embrace it and love it! It was a wakeup call for me, to be honest to myself about myself. Stop faking who I am to please others and be true to what I believe! And preach others to do the same, so they can feel the same! I couldn’t believe the changes in my emotions and mental state since incorporating the oils in my life. I was instantly empowered when using the oils. They supported my emotions, balanced my hormones and boosted my overall health and wellness!

Hence why I only want the same for others, all the beautiful babes out there in the world suffering from whatever it may be, physically or emotionally. This is literally a life changer for me and I know it would be for you also, all you gotta do is try? Never be afraid of trying something new, there is so many incredible things out there to try. I couln’t imagine what life would be like if I never tried the oils.

It was from here on I made it my goal to empower, inspire and educate others to do the same. Be there as a support and guide them on their journey in life and whatever emotion or physical issue they are dealing with at the time. Using essential oils.

My pure intention with love and light, when you support The Wong Way, you’re not simply a customer. You are part of a tribe, who support and love one another. Empowering, Inspiring and educating one another. We are #livingthewongway

And that is my story, the real me.

Love always Izy xx