New Year Ambitions

Numerology meaning for the year

Happy New Year! I know your probably thinking, it's the 1st of February. We are well and truely into the new year. I beg to differ, in today's society sometimes life is a bit like playing a game called catch up. Feeling like your behind with deadlines, trying to get on top of things and that to do list just keeps on getting longer even when you feel like you have been ticking things off. 

Well that is definitely how I have been feeling lately. Especially coming out of the silly season, sometimes we need a break from the Christmas break. I greatly apologise for my lack in responding to you beautiful souls and attending to your needs daily. I have finally caught up and things are more in order now, so I am capable and ready for this amazing year ahead.

So now is the chance where we can turn things around, time to take back that power of time or any other factor affecting you and to get a hold of it. Your weaknesses are only amplified by how you handle them and the way you allow them to play a part in your life. A positive affirmation I like to state regarding time, that I find surprisingly affective as opposed to days I haven’t stated it, is

“I am abundant of all the time I need” 

Start making small positive changes today and notice the difference. How things will begin to flow the way they are meant to be. I am strong believer that we all should be doing the things we love, following our dreams. Being true to ourselves and who we really are. 

t’s time to make these small changes. For the bigger vision of what you are set here to do in your path throughout life.

In numerology 2016 was a 9 year and 2017 is a 1 year. A clear indicator of this change element is not only just a personal decision. But ultimately a universal calling. 

This year is yours! Own it! Love it! Live it! And Do!